Estate Planning Attorney


A main focus of my practice is devoted to Elder law, Medicaid eligibility issues, and estate planning.  My years with the state as a Medicaid attorney and Elder law volunteer for Kansas Legal Services has given me considerable exposure to the many and unique issues related to our aging population.

 I can help you or a family member to design a customize plan to protect assets would address Medicaid Spend down, division of assets, and a general assistance with the Medicaid enrollment process.


I offer complete legal estate planning services where we review your estate planning goals and make sure the disposition of all property in your estate will transition to who you want it to go to and in the most effective and efficient manner.

Some of the tools we use are wills, trusts, financial power of attorney, medical power of attorney, and living wills.  We also use what is commonly referred to as “will savers” such as payable of death deeds and titles to save probate costs. 


I also provide a service to surviving spouses and/or family members that will assist and enable the remaining family members in closing the sometimes complex affairs of a recently deceased love one.  This allows the remaining family members to have a successful transition of all financial and other estate issues.

This same service can be used when a family member or loved one has to be relocated to a facility that can address their changing health needs and the family cannot be present to assist in the transition.


I am one of three attorneys on the Shawnee County Misdemeanor Defense Panel and I am also on the Felony appointment list.  I have experience in defending hundreds of criminal cases in settlement, court trials and jury trials. By being involved in this system, I can help you make an informed decision and represent you to get the best results possible.

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